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Conveyancing solicitors in Kirklees

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor in Kirklees we can help you. Our conveyancing solicitors offer a convenient, efficient, and friendly conveyancing service to clients in Kirklees, throughout West Yorkshire and all over England, Wales and beyond.

If you are buying a detached house in Kirklees, selling a terraced house in Marsden, downsizing to a bungalow in Huddersfield, or buying to let in Dewsbury, we can help you with your conveyancing.

Why should you use Bird and Co Solicitors for your conveyancing in Kirklees?

We offer a friendly, modern and efficient service. If you want to deal with proper lawyers who are friendly and approachable, our team can help you.

You will have a direct line straight through to your legal team, and direct email addresses. You can guarantee that your query will reach the right people, whether you want to ask about search fees in Kirklees, drainage and water fees in West Yorkshire or something else.

"The team always provided me with clear, pragmatic and commercially viable advice with efficient and focused communication."

We're a Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited firm providing conveyancing to clients in Kirklees. This is a guarantee that our processes and procedures have been approved, that we operate to a certain standard, and is a mark of the excellence of our service approved by the Law Society, the body which represents solicitors throughout England and Wales.

We are on the panel for most major lenders, and many smaller ones too. Whether you want to use your local Building Society in West Yorkshire or one of the larger corporates, chances are we have you covered.

In short, you get an excellent conveyancing service at an affordable price. You don't have the risk of going to the cheapest providers, most of whom aren't solicitors; instead you get a great service from proper lawyers.

Why don't you need a conveyancer based in Kirklees?

In the old days you used your local solicitor. You would visit their office in the centre of Kirklees, and all documents would be hand-produced and posted or delivered by hand.

That service came at a price, but the truth is that it is no longer needed. With modern technology such as scanning, emailing and even Skype or Facetime video calls there is no need to use your local solicitor. Your conveyancer can be based anywhere and still provide a great service - even if he or she is in an office many miles away from Kirklees or perhaps not even in West Yorkshire.

We have successfully dealt with thousands of conveyancing transactions all over the country, even with clients from the other side of the world. It is not unknown for us to talk to clients outside the UK using Skype, and once we had clients in Thailand talking to us through an interpreter in New Zealand!

There will be no need for you to visit our offices or hand deliver documents. You need never leave Kirklees - our conveyancers will talk you through the process via phone and email, and everything works just as smoothly as it would if we were just down the road.


Online Conveyancing in Kirklees

There isn't really any such thing as online conveyancing. Clients come to us for conveyancing in Kirklees, Marsden, Dewsbury and all sorts of other places, having first found us via our website.

After that, the relationship between you and your conveyancer is the same as any other. We have the same professional obligations towards you, and deal with your conveyancing file in the same way.

It might feel like online conveyancing because you can talk to us through email on your computer, but really it is proper conveyancing.

Search Fees in Kirklees

Every local authority is different. We use an excellent, trusted national search provider, which means we can provide searches to clients in Kirkleesand all over the country, knowing that we will get a product we're happy with and which we know is properly insured and protects your interests.

What is the process to instruct us for your conveyancing?

First, fill in our conveyancing quote form for conveyancing in Kirklees. You can find the links at the top of this page.

Our helpful conveyancing support team will then guide you through the initial stages, and once your conveyancing file is opened your Kirklees conveyancing solicitor and their small team will deal with the legal side of the conveyancing transaction.

You'll be given direct contact details for your conveyancing lawyers and they'll keep in touch with you every step of the way.

Whether you're moving to Kirklees or away from Kirklees to somewhere else, our conveyancing team can help you do so with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Fees for conveyancing in Kirklees

Our fees are transparent and, so long as the situation does not change (for example so long as your property doesn't turn out to be leasehold when we thought it was freehold) the fee we quote is the fee you will be charged.

We don't add extras on for things like photocopying, postage, or the like. Those are our overheads and we don't pass them on to you.

All our conveyancing fees are dependent on the nature and value of the transaction, so we naturally charge a bit more for more complicated and high value work. However, the fee charged will be the same for a customer in Newcastle as it would be for someone in London, or indeed in Kirklees.

There are some aspects of our conveyancing fees which we can't change. Fees charged by other bodies such as HM Land Registry, or by HMRC for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) are out of our control.

Introduction to Kirklees

Kirklees is a large Metropolitan Borough of West Yorkshire, with a population of over 430,000. It contains many sizable settlements, such as Dewsbury and Huddersfield, the latter of which is its centre of administration.

As a borough it is relatively new, being formed in 1974. The majority of the borough is made up of old mill towns, as well as a few rural villages, such as Denby Dale. There are also three postal codes within the area; Wakefield (WF), Bradford (BD) and Huddersfield (HD). 

Kirklees is very well positioned on the M62 network meaning excellent access as a commuter belt to the biggest Northern cities of Leeds and Manchester and is very close to the commercial centres of Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield.  Kirklees has relatively easy access to a number of leisure and national parks including the South Pennines, the Pennine Way, the Derbyshire Dales, and the Yorkshire Dales.

The area of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, is named after the local Kirklees Priory in Mirfield, which has been rumoured to be the burial place of Robin Hood. Legend has it that the alleged grave stands in the woods where Robin shot an arrow from the priory window and told Little John to bury him there.

Huddersfield is the most notable town in the borough. It is the 11th largest town in the UK with 162,949 residents; nearly half of the Kirklees district. It is also significant being halfway between Leeds and Manchester.

It is a renowned manufacturing town, specialising in textiles, as well as being renowned for its various sports teams.

Castle Hill is a scheduled ancient monument located off Lumb Lane in the village of Almondbury, Huddersfield. Standing at over 900 feet above sea level, the hill, with its impressive Grade II listed Victorian Tower, built in 1899 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, dominates the local landscape and can be seen for miles around. It is Huddersfield’s most prominent and iconic landmark and a fascinating site of great history, legend and academic study due to its 4000 years of human occupation and activity. Surrounded by defensive ditches and ramparts, it was once the location of Bronze Age and Iron Age forts, a twelfth century castle and a deserted medieval village.

The University of Huddersfield is the main provider of higher education in the Kirklees area. It is based off Queensgate in Huddersfield Town Centre with a student population of 19,270 students as of 2015/16 and is one of the town’s biggest employers with over 1,100 academic staff and nearly 1,000 support staff.  It is a multi-award-winning University for its teaching, having won the Higher Education Academy Global Teaching Excellence Award and the TEF Gold Award in 2017. The University began as the Huddersfield Science and Mechanics Institute back in 1825. Later, it became Huddersfield Polytechnic before being granted university status in 1992. Over the last two decades, it has experienced rapid growth with the impressive expansion and development of its town centre campus. New buildings include the new Student Central Building, which was completed in 2014 at the cost of £22.5 million and the Shorehead Building – the University’s flagship building and a landmark teaching facility to house the School of Law and the School of Music, Humanities and Media, located opposite Shorehead Roundabout and recently completed in 2016 to the cost of £27.5 million. The Duke of York was appointed the fourth Chancellor of the University. He took on the role after the famous actor, Sir Patrick Stewart, who was Chancellor for eleven years since 2004. Sir Patrick Stewart is a keen supporter of the university, having run drama workshops for students and attended summer graduations. In 2016, the new drama department building was named the Sir Patrick Stewart Building in his honour.

As well as the university, there is also Kirklees College which has 20,000 pupils in sites across the district, including the impressive new Waterfront Campus opened in 2013 at the cost of £74 million. It is the main provider of further and higher education courses in the area and was formed in 2008 when the former Dewsbury College and Huddersfield Technical College merged. The college now employs 1,100 staff.

In terms of leisure and retail, there are three shopping areas in Huddersfield, including the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, The Packhorse Precinct and the Piazza Centre where an excellent choice in top high street brands and designer labels can be found.

Huddersfield enjoys a busy and vibrant nightlife partly due to the growing student population. There are many pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants including Tokyo which is located in a Grade II listed building which was the former Huddersfield County Court Building.

There is also the Lawrence Batley Theatre on Queens Street, named after the entrepreneur and philanthropist Lawrence Batley, which  hosts a mixed programme of music, drama entertainment and events. The theatre opened in 1994 and is located within what was one the biggest Wesleyan chapels in the world.

Huddersfield Town Football Club was established in 1908, and was the first club in English Football history to win the top division three years running, winning the division three times in early 1920’s. Huddersfield Town play at the John Smiths Stadium and are currently enjoying their first season in the Premier Division (2017/18). The team nicknamed the Terriers made a very good start to the season under manager David Wagner including beating Manchester United in October 2017.

Huddersfield has a long and proud history in Rugby with the first games being played in 1869. However, the defining moment in Rugby League history was on 29 August 1895 when 21 clubs joined Huddersfield to meet at the George Hotel, in the town centre, to form the Northern Rugby Football Union which was the very beginning of the sport of Rugby League.

The Rugby League club, now called Huddersfield Giants, are the oldest Rugby League club in the world and share the use of the John Smiths Stadium with Huddersfield Town Football Club.

Holmfirth, a traditional mill town on the outskirts of Huddersfield, in the Holme Valley, was home to Last of the Summer Wine, the longest running comedy programme in Britain and the longest running sitcom in the world. The TV series which once had 18 million viewers centred around the adventures of three elderly gentlemen, and was filmed on location for around 30 years. Even today, TV fans can still be seen looking for Nora Batty's house or Sid's Café.

Emley Moor Mast, a huge broadcasting and telecommunications tower, is a significant local focal point which can be seen for miles around. The iconic concrete tower, built in 1969, now has a Grade II listed status and is the tallest freestanding structure in the UK at 330 metres and is the 24th tallest tower in the world.

There is a long list of famous people who have come from Kirklees including; Sir Patrick Stewart (actor) who was born in Mirfield, Harold Wilson (former Labour Prime Minister) who was born in Huddersfield and Joseph Priestley who was a significant 18th Century philosopher and chemist, credited with discovering oxygen in 1774.

Dewsbury is the second biggest town within Kirklees that is situated west of Wakefield and east of Huddersfield. It is a mill town that was at the heart of the Heavy Woolen Industry towards the end of the Industrial Revolution. Dewsbury mills were at the centre of the shoddy and mungo manufacturing, which involved the process of mixing new wool with recycled wool to make uniforms and heavy blankets.

Dewsbury Minster is situated next to the River Calder. Here, there is a curious tradition whereby, every year since the 15th Century, on Christmas Eve, the church tower bell is chimed, one toll for every year since Christ’s birth. The bell ringing is known locally as the “Devil’s Knell”.

Baroness Betty Boothroyd, the first and only female Speaker of the House of Commons was born in Dewsbury in 1929.

Brighouse, just North of Huddersfield and 4 miles East of Halifax, is the third biggest town in Kirklees, and is accessed from Junction 25 of the M62. The town is home to the famous Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band which is over 125 years old and is considered as one of the best public subscription bands in the world.

The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service is headquartered in Kirklees not far from Junction 26 of M62 at the small town of Birkenshaw. The family of famous Leeds brewer Joshua Tetley hailed from Birkenshaw.