Family Law

Regrettably legal aid is now only available for family law cases in very limited circumstances. However, in order to assist you to resolve your family law issues we now have a menu of Fixed Fee services you can choose from to help you. 

You get our expert help, but at a price which you know in advance. There’s no risk of entering into an ongoing contract to work at an hourly rate.

Contact us to get information and advice from our expert family law solicitors.

The application of family law can also be used to protect people and their property from financial exploitation, and those involved in a relationship from violence and abuse. Whatever your family law requirement, Bird & Co work with you supportively and with empathy at a very sensitive time.

We are experts in family law

Our team of experts here at Bird & Co have a wealth of experience and expertise. We will advise the best course of action to take, given your particular requirements, and we will also, should additional support be needed, put you in contact with other key organisations, e.g. shelters and counselling organisations.

Our team will discuss all of the options carefully so your decisions are informed and supported. In family break-ups, there may be ways to prevent a divorce such as an informal or trial separation. However, should divorce become inevitable then we can help divorcing couples to deal with joint assets, investments and property. For some younger couples, who choose to avoid some of the stress relating to divorce, we can assist with the composition of suitable pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements.

In divorce and separation cases where children are involved, our experts are able to play a critical role regarding their welfare, where the issues of parental contact, maintenance payments, residence and care orders are involved.

Sometimes, domestic violence is involved. We can discuss and arrange for injunctions, non-molestation and occupation orders, and matrimonial home rights that can protect both you and your interests.

It pays to have a legal team who can combine supportiveness and empathy with expertise and experience. We are very pleased to offer both private family law and publicly funded (legal aid) services from all of our offices, as well as from Stamford CAB (see below).

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