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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution solicitors deal with all manner of disputes and disagreements, whether these require going to court or not.

If you have a potential claim, are being sued, or have some other legal dispute, our dispute resolution team may be able to help you.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution is a term used for the work done by solicitors in resolving disputes between people or companies. Another way to describe it might be litigation, although in fact dispute resolution solicitors try very hard to avoid litigation if this is possible.

What claims or disputes can we deal with?

We have an experienced team of senior specialist dispute resolution solicitors who handle a wide range of disputes including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Property and Land disputes
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Disputes about Wills, Trusts and Estates
  • Insolvency disputes
  • Financial and Banking disputes
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • Negligence disputes
  • Public Law Disputes
  • Debt recovery

Our aim is to bring about the early resolution of disputes in the most proportionate and cost effective way exploring all possible legal and commercial options including:

  • negotiation
  • mediation
  • expert determination
  • adjudication
  • arbitration
  • litigation (claims in court)

A combination of these methods is frequently used. We understand that our clients need to be informed about the prospects of success and the likely costs to be incurred in order to be able to make the right choices and so in all cases we will:

  • carry out a risk and costs benefit analysis with you
  • advise you of your legal options
  • enter into the most appropriate funding arrangement with you
  • agree a strategy with you
  • produce an agreed case plan
  • produce a costs budget
  • provide you with regular costs updates
  • agree times for delivery of all of our work

Our Dispute Resolution team is happy to meet with you at any of our offices or visit you at your home or place of business.

To obtain further information you can contact us by email or by phone on 0800 389 4832.

For full details of our team please look at the "Our People" section of the website.