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What can you do if you believe your personal injury claim was under-settled?

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Personal injury claims can be quite difficult to value as they don’t just take into account the monetary losses that a victim faces, but also the emotional and physical losses such as prolonged pain and suffering and missed job opportunities. There are...

Can you claim personal injury compensation for a hit and run accident?

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Being a victim of a hit and run accident can be incredibly stressful, and in some cases – life changing. A ‘hit and run’ is when the driver who caused the accident, fails to stop at the scene or provide their details. This is a criminal...

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

David-James Stott
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Here at Bird & Co Solicitors we are more than happy to speak to you  about an accident. We offer a free initial consultation either by phone or in person at our offices. If your accident has prospects of success we are able to offer funding which is...