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Personal Injury


What happens if you are hit by an uninsured or untraceable driver?

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Being involved in a road traffic accident is a traumatic experience in itself, but things can be made even more difficult if the responsible party is uninsured or cannot be traced because they failed to stop at the scene of the accident. You will...

What can you do if you believe your personal injury claim was under-settled?

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Personal injury claims can be quite difficult to value as they don’t just take into account the monetary losses that a victim faces, but also the emotional and physical losses such as prolonged pain and suffering and missed job opportunities. There are...

Can you claim personal injury compensation for a hit and run accident?

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Being a victim of a hit and run accident can be incredibly stressful, and in some cases – life changing. A ‘hit and run’ is when the driver who caused the accident, fails to stop at the scene or provide their details. This is a criminal...

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

David-James Stott
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Here at Bird & Co Solicitors we are more than happy to speak to you  about an accident. We offer a free initial consultation either by phone or in person at our offices. If your accident has prospects of success we are able to offer funding which is...