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Criminal Defence

Our experienced team provides a 24-hour service to clients detained by the police. We also advise and represent those who face prosecutions in Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts for criminal, motoring and regulatory offences.

We advise and represent on appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

English may not be your first language. This is not a problem and should not prevent you from asking for us. We will see that a suitable interpreter is arranged at the police station, for Court and for appointments at our office or elsewhere.

Police investigations – call 01476 404140

Everyone has the right to free legal advice at a police station whether under arrest or there on a voluntary basis. Why would a person not obtain skilled legal advice when it is free? You would be surprised how many people allow themselves to be interviewed by the police without taking up this advantageous right. Many people are embarrassed to ask for a solicitor or think it will cause delay. Research suggests that some people feel put off by the police themselves from asking for legal advice.

The truth is that it is your right to ask for this firm to be contacted and our advice will be free. It will frequently speed up your release to ask for us rather than it causing delay. Taking our advice before answering police questions can make an enormous difference to the outcome. The importance to a fair legal system of advice at the police station is recognised as so great that the Supreme Court has recently forced the Scottish legal system to allow access to lawyers in police stations which previously was more limited right.

If you, your friend or family member are at a police station, do not hesitate to ask for Bird and Co. We can even accept your instruction if you are concerned about another person’s welfare and we will make a call to the police station to speak to the person in custody to see if they wish us to represent them.

Police station advice is free to everyone. We want everyone to use it. To do otherwise makes no sense.

Court Proceedings – call 01476 404140

If you are charged to appear in Court or if you receive a summons for a future date we want to help. Contact us and we will advise you how we can help and whether public-funding (legal aid) can be sought. We will help you make such an application if available and advise you as to fees if not. We will assist you to prepare for your appearance, advise about procedure, law, evidence and sentencing. In fact with our experienced team we can help with any aspect of your case.

Our solicitors will represent you in Magistrates’ Courts and for Crown Court cases and above we have the advantage of having in-house Advocates who provide a continuity of service which sometimes can be lacking when external Barristers have been instructed.

Other services – call 01476 404140

We can also assist you if you face other types of investigation e.g. by the DWP. We have experience prosecuting cases particularly for public bodies. We have such a wealth of experience between us that we are confident that our team can properly advise you on any issue in this area of the law.

We offer the full range of advice and representation from our three offices in Newark, Grantham and Lincoln and are happy to arrange for someone to attend courts or police stations wherever you need us. We offer publicly funded (legal aid) criminal services from all three offices.

Call or email us, or use the online instruction form.

For more information on criminal law, see our conspiracy solicitor expert criminal defence solicitors page.

For full details of our team please look at the "Our People" section of the website.