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The Bird & Co Solicitors Approach

In all cases and for all clients we will carry out a detailed and thorough fact find of your individual or business circumstances in order to identify and assess the legal, personal, and commercial issues you face.

Part of this initial but very important process is to be able to advise you at an early stage of all of the legal, personal and commercial options available to you.

This fact find which will incorporate a risk assessment appropriate to the type of case or transaction you are facing will be carried out by a qualified member of our highly experienced team and will be based on the information and documents available to us. The assessment will enable us to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision as to how you wish to proceed.

If you agree to instruct us we will then prepare a report to you or your business about what has been agreed and setting out the work we are instructed to carry out on your behalf. This will include a case plan setting out the various stages of the work to be completed, the costs and expenses to be incurred, the type of funding arrangement agreed with you including any budget and payment plans, your own obligations, the likely timescale for delivery, the conduct of regular reviews, and any other services or work which we recommend should be considered by you.

We place great value on all of our clients and believe in building long term client relationships helping to support each client throughout lifes ups and downs. We do this by adopting a proactive client relationship management designed to put in place effective planning to minimise future legal risks and to maximise the protection of wealth and assets.

With Bird & Co we offer you an opportunity to benefit from having lawyers who are your friends for life.