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Are terms and conditions a legal requirement for businesses?

  • Posted

Terms and conditions (T&Cs) are an essential agreement which set out the legal basis upon which businesses trade with their customers. They are used to protect intellectual property rights, limit or exclude liability and establish a contractual framework...

What are commercial property dilapidations?

  • Posted

Most commercial leases will require the tenant to keep the property in a good condition and to carry out any repairs needed under the terms of the lease. Dilapidations refer to the damages or defects to the property as a result of the tenant breaching the...

What to include in a shareholders' agreement

  • Posted

What is a shareholders ’ agreement? A shareholder agreement is an agreement entered into by all or some of the shareholders of a company that outlines how it is managed, the ownership of the shares and the protection and rights of the shareholders....

Why your business's terms and conditions matter

  • Posted

For any business, your terms and conditions (or T&Cs) set out the legal basis on which you trade with your customers. They help to clearly establish what customers should expect from you when doing business with you and can be vital if you need to...

What To Do When Your Commercial Lease Runs Out

  • Posted

Whether it is a shop, factory, office space or warehouse, a solid commercial premises lease is an essential prerequisite to the ongoing success of many businesses. If your lease is nearing the end of its term and you wish to remain a tenant, it pays to seek...