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If you are buying, selling or remortgaging a home in Cheltenham, our expert conveyancing solicitors can work alongside you to make sure that you receive the support you need.

Moving homes has plenty of potential stumbling blocks, owing to the various steps involved in the conveyancing process. At Bird & Co, our conveyancing solicitors are committed to making the entire process as straightforward as possible, allowing you to complete your conveyancing transaction in confidence.

We offer a reliable, efficient conveyancing service that’s accessible for all of our clients, regardless of individual circumstances. We put our wealth of combined experience to good use, carefully guiding you through your case from start to finish.

We also offer a quick and simple online conveyancing service. This means that we can make the conveyancing process even more convenient, as well as allowing us to support a wide pool of clients from across Cheltenham and the wider Gloucestershire area, including Prestbury, Badgeworth and Elmstone Hardwicke.

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Cheltenham by giving us a call, or get a quote online.

How our conveyancing solicitors in Cheltenham can help you

Our team of expert conveyancing solicitors in Cheltenham have a wide range of expertise, including:

We are also on the panel for most major lenders. This means that we can support your transaction, whether you have chosen to take out your mortgage with a major lender or a local building society.

Why choose Bird & Co’s conveyancing solicitors in Cheltenham?

At Bird & Co, we have specialist expertise in online conveyancing. This means that we can take you through the entire conveyancing process remotely and you won’t need to visit us at our physical offices.

We offer a reliable conveyancing service that is designed to make each step as simple and stress-free as possible. This means you can complete your transaction with minimal fuss.

You will have the benefit of having direct lines of correspondence with our team at all times, as well as a direct email address for the solicitor who is handling your case.

We are accredited with the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This means we will:

  • Provide high quality legal advice
  • Get your conveyancing transaction completed as efficiently as possible
  • Provide top quality customer service and respond to queries quickly
  • Keep you regularly updated and never leave you in the dark about the status of your transaction
  • Be upfront and honest about your fees – we will provide you with an accurate quote before you instruct us so that you can decide whether we are right for you

We are also Lexcel accredited by the Law Society. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer service and practice management.

Why instruct our online conveyancers instead of a conveyancer in Cheltenham?

There are various advantages to instructing our online conveyancers in Cheltenham, including:

  • We have in-depth knowledge of the national property market, as well as a detailed understanding of the local Cheltenham market. Most other firms only deal with local transactions.
  • Our online systems have been developed with sensitive communication in mind. We are committed to making sure that our clients are well protected when they use our online conveyancing service. We do this by carrying out secure procedures such as encrypting emails, configuring devices and putting malware protection in place.
  • We can get your conveyancing done quickly and efficiently. There are various delays commonly associated with traditional conveyancing work. These can be avoided when work is completed remotely.
  • Online conveyancing tends to be more cost-effective. The costs that arise during traditional conveyancing are not present when you work with our online conveyancers.
  • We have dealt with property transactions around the country, even for clients who are on the other side of the world. We keep up to date with our clients using video conferencing, no matter where they are.
  • Our legal obligations to you remain the same as if we were meeting in person as there are no differences to the general conveyancing process. We are fully insured just in case.

Our conveyancing fees – how much does our conveyancing cost in Cheltenham?

We are able to offer fixed fees for straightforward conveyancing work, which means you will have a clear idea of how much you will be expected to pay from the outset. There may be certain circumstances where additional fees are required to complete your transaction, in which case your conveyancer will let you know.

Other costs associated with the conveyancing process are called disbursements. Examples of disbursements could include conveyancing searches or registering a transaction at HM Land Registry.

You may also need to consider how your transaction will be affected by tax such as Stamp Duty Land Tax or Capital Gains Tax. If this is the case, your solicitor will help you to calculate how much is owed and file the return with HMRC.

Conveyancing FAQs

How does the conveyancing process work in Cheltenham?

There are three main stages to the conveyancing process. These are:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Completion

When an offer is accepted on a property, the buyer and seller agree to enter into a contract. At this stage, nothing is legally binding and either party can pull out without receiving a penalty.

From here, the buyer will carry out a number of checks with the help of their conveyancer. Checks could include:

  • Reviewing property information provided by the seller and making further enquiries if necessary (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Conducting conveyancing property searches, such as local authority checks (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Carrying out an independent survey (done by the buyer)

The buyer will also apply for a mortgage at this stage, if required.

Once the property checks have been completed and both parties are happy to proceed, contracts will be signed and exchanged. The transaction will now be legally binding.

Completion is when the transaction is deemed to be official. A transfer deed is submitted to HM Land Registry and the seller needs to leave the property.

How long does conveyancing take in Cheltenham?

The time it takes to complete a conveyancing transaction will depend on a variety of complex factors. The usual timeframe for a straightforward transaction is 12-14 weeks, but this may change if delays occur further along the property chain.

If your transaction is likely to face delays, your solicitor will keep you in the loop and talk you through the potential options at your disposal.

What searches are involved in conveyancing in Cheltenham?

If you are buying a property in Cheltenham, your conveyancer will need to carry out various checks.

The three main types of conveyancing checks are:

  • Local authority checks – to check the surrounding area for planning, pollution, highway or other related issues
  • Environmental searches – to check for issues such as flooding or land contamination
  • Water and drainage searches – to check matters such as water and drainage access

If further checks are required, your conveyancer will let you know. The need to conduct further checks will depend on the type of property and where it is situated.

How do you instruct our conveyancing solicitors in Cheltenham?

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Cheltenham by giving us a call, or get a quote online.

Our Cheltenham conveyancing team will be able to run through the initial stages of your conveyancing transaction and, once your file is opened, your conveyancer will take care of all of the legal details related to your transaction.

Whether you are moving to, from, or across Cheltenham, our conveyancing solicitors will be able to lend their expertise.

Get in touch with our conveyancing solicitors in Cheltenham

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Cheltenham by giving us a call, or get a quote online.


Online Conveyancing in Cheltenham

There isn't really any such thing as online conveyancing. Clients come to us for conveyancing in Cheltenham , Prestbury, Elmstone Hardwicke and all sorts of other places, having first found us via our website.

After that, the relationship between you and your conveyancer is the same as any other. We have the same professional obligations towards you, and deal with your conveyancing file in the same way.

It might feel like online conveyancing because you can talk to us through email on your computer, but really it is proper conveyancing.

Search Fees in Cheltenham

Every local authority is different. We use an excellent, trusted national search provider, which means we can provide searches to clients in Cheltenham and all over the country, knowing that we will get a product we're happy with and which we know is properly insured and protects your interests.

What is the process to instruct us for your conveyancing?

First, fill in our conveyancing quote form for conveyancing in Cheltenham . You can find the links at the top of this page.

Our helpful conveyancing support team will then guide you through the initial stages, and once your conveyancing file is opened your Cheltenham conveyancing solicitor and their small team will deal with the legal side of the conveyancing transaction. You'll be given direct contact details for your conveyancing lawyers and they'll keep in touch with you every step of the way.

Whether you're moving to Cheltenham or away from Cheltenham to somewhere else, our conveyancing team can help you do so with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Fees for conveyancing in Cheltenham

Our fees are transparent and, so long as the situation does not change (for example so long as your property doesn't turn out to be leasehold when we thought it was freehold) the fee we quote is the fee you will be charged.

We don't add extras on for things like photocopying, postage, or the like. Those are our overheads and we don't pass them on to you.

All our conveyancing fees are dependent on the nature and value of the transaction, so we naturally charge a bit more for more complicated and high value work. However, the fee charged will be the same for a customer in Newcastle as it would be for someone in London, or indeed in Cheltenham .

There are some aspects of our conveyancing fees which we can't change. Fees charged by other bodies such as HM Land Registry, or by HMRC for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) are out of our control.

Introduction to Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a large spa town and borough in Gloucestershire, situated on the edge of the Cotswolds. As of mid-2014, the town has a population of 116,495.

Historically, Cheltenham became renown as a spa town, however in more recent times the town is well know for its racecourse. The Cheltenham Festival occurs annually in March, and attracts thousands of visitors, particularly Irish, as the festival coincides with St.Patrick's Day. It is one of the largest National Hunt Meetings in the country, and its prize money is only second to the Grand National. This brief annual stint of tourism every year benefits the local economy massively, especially, hotels, bars and restaurants, and provides huge amounts of employment to the town's residents.

Industry elsewhere in the town revolves around light industry, including food processing, aerospace and electronics. One of the most notable employers however is at the Government Communications Headquarters, where 6,132 people work. The building is particularly renown for its 'doughnut' style structure. Other notable employers in the area include UCAS, Zurich Financial Services, GE-Aviation and the Chelsea Building Society. SuperGroup plc, owners of Superdry, have their headquarters in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham's culture and history is particularly rich. It is famous for its Regency architecture, and is often said to be 'the most complete regency town in England'. Consequently, the town maintains a huge number of listed buildings.

Other cultural attractions include the Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum, which hosts a wide range of art exhibitions throughout the year. There are also two music festivals: the annual Cheltenham Music Festival and the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Aside from horse racing, Cheltenham is the home to a wide range of sporting venues and clubs. Cheltenham Town Football Club currently play in the Conference Premier, after being relegated from League Two in the 2014/15 season. Their home ground, Whaddon Road, has a capacity of 7,226. There are also a number of semi and non professional teams.

On top of this are a number of amateur rugby union teams and a semi-pro rugby league side.

In terms of transport, the town is particularly well connected. Cheltenham Spa railway station is situated on the Bristol-Birmingham main line, and provides services to areas such as Gloucester, Bristol, Swindon, London Paddington, Cardiff Central and Derby.

Cheltenham is also adjacent to the M5 motorway, which links the town with Bristol and Birmingham, and the A40 main road runs across the M5 through the town towards Oxford and London.