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Conveyancing Solicitors in Brighton & Hove

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor in Brighton & Hove we can help you. Our conveyancing solicitors offer a convenient, efficient, and friendly conveyancing service to clients in Brighton & Hove, throughout East Sussex and all over England, Wales and beyond.

If you are buying a detached house in Brighton & Hove, selling a terraced house in Peacehaven, downsizing to a bungalow in Kemptown, or buying to let in Shoreham-by-sea, we can help you with your conveyancing.

Why you should use Bird and Co Solicitors for your conveyancing in Brighton & Hove

We offer a friendly, modern and efficient service. If you want to deal with fully qualified lawyers who are friendly and approachable, our team can help you.

You will have a direct line straight through to your legal team, and direct email addresses for the people handling your conveyancing. You can guarantee that your query will reach the right people, whether you want to ask about search fees, drainage and water fees or anything else related to your property deal.

"The team always provided me with clear, pragmatic and commercially viable advice with efficient and focused communication."

We're a Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited firm providing conveyancing to clients in Brighton & Hove. This is a guarantee that our processes and procedures have been approved as meeting the highest standards by the Law Society, the body representing solicitors throughout England and Wales.

We are on the panel for most major lenders, and many smaller ones too. Whether you want to use your local Building Society in East Sussex or one of the larger corporates, chances are we have you covered.

In short, you get an excellent conveyancing service at an affordable price. You don't have the risk of going to the cheapest providers, most of whom aren't solicitors; instead you get a great service from proper lawyers.

Why you don't need a conveyancer based in Brighton & Hove

In the past, people tended to use their local solicitor for their conveyancing. You would visit their nearest office and all documents would be hand-produced and posted or delivered by hand.

That service came at a price, however, and the truth is that it is no longer needed. With modern technology such as scanning, emailing and even Skype or Facetime video calls there is no need to use your local solicitor. Your conveyancer can be based anywhere and still provide a great service - even if he or she is in an office many miles away from Brighton & Hove.

We have successfully dealt with thousands of conveyancing transactions all over the country, even with clients from the other side of the world. It is not unknown for us to talk to clients outside the UK using Skype – we even once had clients in Thailand talking to us through an interpreter in New Zealand!

There will be no need for you to visit our offices or hand deliver documents – in fact, you need never leave your home. Our conveyancers will talk you through the entire conveyancing process via phone and email, and everything works just as smoothly as it would if we were just down the road.

Online Conveyancing in Brighton & Hove

Online conveyancing refers to the fact your conveyancing can now be carried out entirely over the internet thanks to technology such as email and video chat. This means there is no longer any need to meet face-to-face for your conveyancing as you can get exactly the same quality of service by handling the entire process online.

The advantage of online conveyancing is it lets you choose the best, most competitively priced conveyancing firm in the country, while also being able to deal with your conveyancing at your convenience. There is no need to take time out of work or go out of your way – you can do everything from your own home in your own time.

When dealing with your conveyancing online, we have exactly the same legal obligations to you as if we were meeting in person. The conveyancing process is exactly the same and involves all the same checks, searches, insurance and protections to ensure you get a safe, reliable conveyancing service.

Search Fees in Brighton & Hove

Every local authority is different. We use an excellent, trusted national search provider, which means we can offer reliable property checks and searches to clients in Brighton & Hove and all over the country. This means we know we can provide a service we are happy with and which we know is properly insured and protects your interests.

What is the process to instruct us for your conveyancing?

First, fill in our conveyancing quote form for conveyancing in Brighton & Hove. You can find the links at the top of this page.

Our helpful conveyancing support team will then guide you through the initial stages and, once your conveyancing file is opened, your Brighton & Hove conveyancing solicitor and their small team will deal with the legal side of the conveyancing transaction. You'll be given direct contact details for your conveyancing lawyers and they'll keep in touch with you every step of the way.

Whether you're moving to Brighton & Hove or away from Brighton & Hove, our conveyancing team can help you do so with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Fees for conveyancing in Brighton & Hove

Our fees are transparent and, so long as the situation does not change (for example so long as your property doesn't turn out to be leasehold when we thought it was freehold) the fee we quote is the fee you will be charged.

We don't add extras on for things like photocopying, postage, or the like. Those are our overheads and we don't pass them on to you.

All our conveyancing fees are dependent on the nature and value of the transaction, so we naturally charge a bit more for more complicated and high value work. However, the fee charged will be the same for a customer in Newcastle as it would be for someone in London, or indeed in Brighton & Hove.

There are some aspects of our conveyancing fees that we can't change. Fees charged by other bodies such as HM Land Registry, or by HMRC for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) are out of our control and will be the same whichever company you use for your conveyancing.

Introduction to Brighton & Hove

Brighton and Hove is a city in East Sussex, South East England with a population of 273,400, according to the 2011 census. The city is made up of the two former towns of Brighton and Hove, which form a contiguous urban area. While many people tend to refer to the city simply as ‘Brighton’, many locals still consider the two towns to be separate places.

The city has a reputation as a relatively liberal city with an economy heavily focused on the creative, digital and electronics sectors, while tourism and entertainment are also important industries. The city is relatively affluent and is well known to being particularly popular with the LGBT community with Brighton Pride attracting around 400,000 visitors a year to the city over Pride weekend in August.

The city lies between the South Downs National Park to the north and the English Channel to the south. This means there are plenty of opportunities for leisure activities, including walking, cycling, hang gliding and sailing.

The city has a number of train stations with regular services to London, Southampton and other local destinations. A high percentage of Brighton & Hove residents commute to London, with a typical journey taking a little over an hour.


The former town of Brighton is the more populous part of the city of Brighton and Hove, with a population of around 289,200 according to estimates from mid-2016. This makes Brighton more than three times the size of Hove, by population.

Brighton is one of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts, seeing around 7.5 million day tourists and around 5 million overnight visitors each year. It is also often considered to be the happiest place to live in the UK.

Brighton has a 5.4-mile wide shingle beach and two piers (although only the Palace Pier is currently open to visitors). Other local attractions include the Royal Pavillion, the Brighton Clock Tower and the Brighton Dome.


Hove is the smaller part of the city, located to the west of Brighton, with a population of around 91,900 according to mid-2016 estimates. The former is well connected to Brighton and the surrounding area by bus and rail, with there being three railway stations within the Hove area.

Hove was largely built up during the Regency and Victorian periods with a resulting significant influence on the former town’s architectural character. There are a number of parks in Hove, including Hove Park and St. Anne’s Well Gardens, as well as a leisure centre and Hove Museum and Art Gallery. Hove is also well known for being the home of Sussex County Cricket Club.

Brighton and Hove Built-up Area

The Brighton and Hove Built-up Area, also known as the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton conurbation, is England’s 12 largest conurbation, with a population of 474,485 according to the 2011 census.

The area is also sometimes referred to as Greater Brighton and is home to around one third of the Sussex population. Key settlements in the Brighton and Hove Built-up area include Worthing, Littlehampton, Shoreham-by-Sea, Portslade, Lancing, Rottingdean, Southwick, Sompting and Findon.


Worthing is a large seaside town with a population of 104,600, according to the 2011 census. The town is 10 miles west of Brighton at the foot of the South Downs. Some northern parts of the Worthing borough form part of the South Downs National Park.

Worthing has a strong financial services industry as well as being well represented in the service industry generally. Major employers include HM Revenue & Customs and GlaxoSmithKline. The town has been frequently ranked as one of the top urban areas in England for jobs.

The A24 connects Worthing to London via Horsham, while the A27 goes to Brighton, Chichester and Portsmouth. The borough has 5 railway stations, all on the West Coastway Line, with regular services to Brighton, London, Gatwick Airport and Portsmouth.


Littlehampton is a seaside resort town 19 miles west of Brighton with a population of 27,795 at the time of the 2011 census. The wider suburban area around Littlehampton, including Wick, Lyminster and Rustington, is believed to have a population of around 55,000.

A major local employer is The Body Shop, which has its global headquarters in the north of the town, while Littlehampton is also successful port, both for commercial vessels and leisure craft.

The town is connected by the A27 to Brighton and the M27, and by the A24 to London. It also has three railway stations running direct services to Brighton, London Victoria, Gatwick Airport, Portsmouth, Southampton and a number of other locations.


Shoreham-by-Sea (commonly referred to simply as ‘Shoreham’) is a seaside port town with a population of 20,547 according to the 2011 census. The town is roughly halfway between Brighton and Worthing, making it popular with commuters to both.

The town has a railway station, which is on the West Coastway Line, linking the town with Brighton, London and other local destinations. Brighton City Airport (also known as Shoreham Airport) is to the west of the town and is the UK’s oldest licensed airport still in operation.


Portslade is a popular region within the city of Brighton and Hove with a population of 19,921 (according to the 2011 census) split between areas – Portslade Village and Portslade-by-Sea.

Portslade is around 4 miles west of the centre of Brighton and has its own railway station. Portslade Village and Portslade-by-Sea are divided by the A270, which links Brighton to Worthing, giving good links to the surrounding area.


Lancing is a large village in West Sussex, 10 miles west of Brighton. The village and its civil parish have a combined population of 18,810 according to the 2011 census.

The village has its own railway station on the main line to Brighton, making it highly convenient for commuting to the city centre. Brighton City Airport is within the parish.


Rottingdean is a village on the coast approximately 4.5 miles southeast of Brighton. The village has a population of 13,651 according to the 2011 census and borders the villages of Saltdean, Ovingdean and Woodingdean.

The village is connected to the city by the A259 and there is a regular bus services that takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the city centre.


Southwick is a small town 5 miles west of Brighton city centre. It had a population of 13,195 at the time of the 2011 census. The town has an open-air shopping centre, Southwick Square, home to many chain stores and local independent businesses.

Southwick has its own train station that runs services to the city centre every 20 minutes, taking approximately 13 minutes to reach Brighton central station. There are also regular services to Southampton and other local destinations.


Sompting is a village 10 miles west of Brighton, between Lancing and Worthing, at the foot of the South Downs. The village has a population of 8,561 according to the 2011 census.

Lancing train station is less than a mile from the centre of Sompting, providing regular trains to the city centre and in the other direction to locations including Southampton.


Findon is a village 14 miles northwest of Brighton, in the South Downs National Park. The village has a population of 2,023 at the time of the 2011 census. Findon is located close to the A24, giving good connections to Brighton and the whole of the south coast, as well as to the M23. The village is 4 miles north of Worthing, meaning there are also good local rail connections.