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Conveyancing solicitors in Oxfordshire

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor in Oxfordshire we can help you. Our conveyancing solicitors offer a convenient, efficient, and friendly conveyancing service to clients in Oxfordshire , throughout Oxfordshire and all over England, Wales and beyond.

If you are buying a detached house in Oxfordshire , selling a terraced house in Oxford, downsizing to a bungalow in Henley-on-Thames, or buying to let in Banbury, we can help you with your conveyancing.

Why should you use Bird and Co Solicitors for your conveyancing in Oxfordshire?

We offer a friendly, modern and efficient service. If you want to deal with proper lawyers who are friendly and approachable, our team can help you.

You will have a direct line straight through to your legal team, and direct email addresses. You can guarantee that your query will reach the right people, whether you want to ask about search fees in Oxfordshire, drainage and water fees in Oxfordshire or something else.

"The team always provided me with clear, pragmatic and commercially viable advice with efficient and focused communication."

We're a Conveyancing Quality Scheme accredited firm providing conveyancing to clients in Oxfordshire. This is a guarantee that our processes and procedures have been approved, that we operate to a certain standard, and is a mark of the excellence of our service approved by the Law Society, the body that represents solicitors throughout England and Wales.

We are on the panel for most major lenders, and many smaller ones too. Whether you want to use your local Building Society in Oxfordshire or one of the larger corporates, chances are we have you covered.

In short, you get an excellent conveyancing service at an affordable price. You don't have the risk of going to the cheapest providers, most of whom aren't solicitors; instead you get a great service from proper lawyers.

Why don't you need a conveyancer based in Oxfordshire?

In the old days you used your local solicitor. You would visit their office in Oxfordshire and all documents would be hand-produced and posted or delivered by hand.

That service came at a price, but the truth is that it is no longer needed. With modern technology such as scanning, emailing and even Skype or Facetime video calls, there is no need to use your local solicitor. Your conveyancer can be based anywhere and still provide a great service - even if he or she is in an office many miles away in a different part of Oxfordshire or perhaps not even in Oxfordshire.

We have successfully dealt with thousands of conveyancing transactions all over the country, even with clients from the other side of the world. It is not unknown for us to talk to clients outside the UK using Skype – we once had clients in Thailand talking to us through an interpreter in New Zealand!

There will be no need for you to visit our offices or hand deliver documents. You need never leave Oxfordshire - our conveyancers will talk you through the process via phone and email, and everything works just as smoothly as it would if we were just down the road.


Online Conveyancing in Oxfordshire

There isn't really any such thing as online conveyancing. Clients come to us for conveyancing in Oxfordshire, Oxford, Banbury and all sorts of other places, having first found us via our website.

After that, the relationship between you and your conveyancer is the same as any other. We have the same professional obligations towards you, and deal with your conveyancing file in the same way.

It might feel like online conveyancing because you can talk to us through email on your computer, but really it is proper conveyancing.

Search Fees in Oxfordshire

Every local authority is different. We use an excellent, trusted national search provider, which means we can provide searches to clients in Oxfordshire and all over the country, knowing that we will get a product we're happy with and which we know is properly insured and protects your interests.

What is the process to instruct us for your conveyancing?

First, fill in our conveyancing quote form for conveyancing in Oxfordshire. You can find the links at the top of this page.

Our helpful conveyancing support team will then guide you through the initial stages, and once your conveyancing file is opened your Oxfordshire conveyancing solicitor and their small team will deal with the legal side of the conveyancing transaction. You'll be given direct contact details for your conveyancing lawyers and they'll keep in touch with you every step of the way.

Whether you're moving to Oxfordshire or away from Oxfordshire to somewhere else, our conveyancing team can help you do so with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.

Fees for conveyancing in Oxfordshire

Our fees are transparent and, so long as the situation does not change (for example so long as your property doesn't turn out to be leasehold when we thought it was freehold), the fee we quote is the fee you will be charged.

We don't add extras on for things like photocopying or postage. Those are our overheads and we don't pass them on to you.

All our conveyancing fees are dependent on the nature and value of the transaction, so we naturally charge a bit more for more complicated and high value work. However, the fee charged will be the same for a customer in Newcastle as it would be for someone in London, or indeed in Oxfordshire.

There are some aspects of our conveyancing fees that we can't change. Fees charged by other bodies such as HM Land Registry, or by HMRC for Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) are out of our control.

Introduction to Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a county in South East England, bordering Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. It has a population of 683,200, much of which is concentrated in Oxford, the county town, as well as Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester and Henley on Thames. There are also many other towns and villages throughout Oxfordshire which each have their own appeal.

The county has major education and tourist industries, as well performance motorsport companies and facilities. It is particularly well known internationally for the University of Oxford and the Oxford University Press. Oxfordshire is also home to a second university, Oxford Brookes University, and has many well-regarded schools, with 23 independent schools and 35 state secondary schools.

Oxfordshire is often thought of has having an idyllic rural landscape with the Cotswolds to the west and the Chilterns to the east. The Vale of the White Horse, which was historically part of Berkshire, is now located in southern Oxfordshire and is a major tourist destination. The Vale is named after the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric hill figure carved in the shape of a horse.

Popular tourist spots in Oxfordshire include Abingdon Country Hall Museum, Blenheim Palace and garden (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Broughton Castle, Cotswold Wildlife Park and garden, Dorchester Abbey, Milton Manor House and the Oxford Canal.

Due to its relative proximity to London, Oxfordshire contains many towns and villages from which people commute to London. It is also well connected with Birmingham, Reading and other major urban centres.


The City of Oxford is one of the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse in the country. With an estimated population of 168,270, it is the 52nd largest city in the UK. It has a particularly broad economic base, and its industries include motor manufacturing, publishing and a range of science-based businesses.

However, the town is generally most renowned for its university; the oldest in the English speaking world, with evidence of teaching going back to at least as early as 1096. The University of Oxford has over 23,000 students and almost 1,800 academic staff, as well as many non-academic staff members. It is one of the town’s major employers and the student population has a significant impact on the character and economy of the town.

With the university comes a range of stunning architecture, and the city itself is home to examples of every English Architectural period since the arrival of the Saxons.

Oxford witnessed large economic growth in the early 20th century through its printing industry but also through the introduction of Morris Motors in the 1920s. The successful BMWs and Mini Coopers are also produced in Oxford on a smaller site.

Many other large settlements are easily accessible from Oxford. Reading is located just 24 miles away, Swindon 36 miles, Cheltenham 43 miles, Milton Keynes 38 miles and London just 51 miles away as well. Oxford railway station allows for access to many of these towns with First Great Western offering services to locations such as London Paddington, Worcester and Banbury and Cross Country services to as far away as Manchester and Edinburgh.

The city is also served by the M40, connecting London to Birmingham as well as roads such as the A34, connecting the North and Midlands to the port of Southampton.

Oxford is considered a very green city; complete with a variety of parks, commons and nature walks. There are 28 nature reserves within or just outside the ring road including Cutteslowe Park, University Parks and Lye Valley.


Henley-on-Thames is a small market town on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, 7 miles north of the vibrant, large town of Reading.

Henley is probably best known for rowing, with the Henley Royal Regatta held every year on Henley Reach, a naturally straight stretch of the river just north of the town. The event became "Royal" in 1851, when Prince Albert became patron of the regatta. Other rowing regattas held in Henley include the Henley Women’s Regatta as well as the Henley Town and Visitors Regatta.

Henley has some lovely landmarks and the beautiful Saint Mary’s Church sits opposite Henley Bridge. Beside the bridge you will find the Royal Regatta Headquarters.

The town's railway station is on a branch line from Twyford and there are direct trains into London Paddington during peak hours. At other times passengers must change trains at Twyford. The M40 motorway is only 7 miles away making travel to the Midlands to the east or London to the west easy.


Also known as Abingdon-on-Thames, Abingdon was formerly the county town of Berkshire before being overtaken by Reading and ultimately transferred into Oxfordshire. It had a population of 33,130 in 2011, according to data from the most recent census.

Abingdon is 6 miles south of Oxford and is well connected to it by bus. There is no railway service to Abingdon, but frequent express buses connect the town with Oxford train station.

Abingdon is located near to several major scientific research organisations, including UKAEA, the JET fusion research project and Harwell Laboratory. It also has a business park, which is home to the British head office of Miele, amongst others. Many of the town’s residents commute to Oxford and also to London from the nearby town of Didcot.


Banbury is a large market town on the River Cherwell in North Oxfordshire. According to the 2011 census, it has a population of 46,853. It is the main commercial centre in Oxfordshire, besides Oxford itself.

A major employer in Banbury is Jacobs Douwe Egberts, the instant coffee producer. Banbury currently has one of the UK’s lowest unemployment rates.

Banbury has good connections to the rest of Oxfordshire and the UK, with regular services to London Marylebone, London Paddington, Birmingham, Oxford and Reading.

Places of interest in Banbury include the Banbury Cross, a Gothic-style stone monument, Banbury Museum, Tooley’s Boatyard and Spiceball Park. There are many hills both in around the town, thanks to its location in the Cherwell Valley, making it ideal for those who enjoy walking.

Banbury has a number of local sports teams, including Banbury United F.C., as well as rugby and cricket clubs.


Bicester is one of the fastest growing towns in Oxfordshire. It was home to 32,642 people in 2011, according to the census. In 2014 the government announced plans or Bicester to become a “garden town” with the intention for up to 13,000 new homes to be built.

The rest of the county and the wider UK can be accessed readily from Bicester, making it a popular commuter town. It is connected to the M40 by two junctions and Bicester train station has regular services to Oxford and London Marylebone. Bicester is also well connected by bus to Banbury and Oxford.

Chipping Norton

One of the best known of the smaller Oxfordshire towns in recent years has been Chipping Norton. This has been influenced by its status as the home of the “Chipping Norton Set” – a number of notable political, media and entertainment figures, who live in or near the town. Members include former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks and broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Clarkson.

The town is located in north west Oxfordshire and has a population of 6,337 according to the 2011 census. Local sites of interest include the Rollright Stones and the church of St. Mary the Virgin.

Conveyancing Throughout Oxfordshire

We work with clients throughout Oxfordshire, including locations such as: