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Conveyancing Solicitors in Watlington

Where you are planning to buy, sell, or complete any other type of residential property transaction in Watlington, our conveyancing solicitors are available to make sure that everything goes ahead exactly as intended.

Moving home is a huge life event, no matter whether you are a first-time buyer or are preparing to upsize. There are plenty of steps involved which need to be properly addressed to ensure that no mistakes are made that would cause unnecessary complications and delays.

At Bird & Co, we provide a reliable and efficient service, helping individuals and families to navigate a wide range of residential property matters. No matter what your individual circumstances may be, our conveyancing solicitors will provide clear advice that ensures you have all the support you need to finalise your transaction.

We provide a simple online conveyancing service, which allows us to reach a wide pool of clients in Watlington and the surrounding area, including Chalgrove, Chinnor and Thame.

To get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Watlington, give us a call or get a quote online.

How our conveyancing solicitors in Watlington

Our conveyancing solicitors in Watlington have expertise and experience in a wide range of conveyancing matters, including:

Our team is also on the panel for most major lenders. Whether you are working with a national firm or a local building society, we will be able to support your transaction.

Why choose Bird & Co’s conveyancing solicitors in Burford?

At Bird & Co, we have specialist expertise with online conveyancing. We can offer all of our standard services on a remote basis, which means that you do not need to visit our offices in person to access our legal guidance.

Our conveyancing service is modern, friendly, and efficient. Our aim is to keep the entire process as straightforward as possible.

From the outset of your case, we offer consistent communication, and you will be given a direct line of correspondence with your case manager. This means that you will be able to find a quick answer to any questions you might have regarding your case and be confident that you will be informed when there are any updates.

We are accredited by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This means that we will:

  • Provide high quality legal advice
  • Get your conveyancing transaction completed as efficiently as possible
  • Provide top quality customer service and respond to queries quickly
  • Keep you regularly updated and never leave you in the dark about the status of your transaction
  • Be upfront and honest about your fees – we will provide you with an accurate quote before you instruct us so that you can decide whether we are right for you

Additionally, we are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society. This acknowledges our commitment to providing a high level of client service, as well as the quality of our practice management.

Why instruct our online conveyancers instead of a conveyancer in Watlington?

There are a number of benefits to instructing our online conveyancers. These include:

  • We have an in-depth understanding of both the national property market and the as the local Watlington market. Other firms may only handle local transactions.
  • Our online systems have been developed with sensitive communication in mind. To protect our clients, we have strict procedures in place, including encrypting emails, securely configuring our devices, and putting malware protection in place.
  • We can get your conveyancing done quickly and efficiently by avoiding many of the delays that often come with traditional conveyancing.
  • Online conveyancing tends to be more cost-effective as the physical resources associated with traditional conveyancing are not required.
  • We have previously handled property transactions around the country, even for clients who are on the other side of the world. We frequently use video conferencing to talk to clients from outside the UK.
  • Our legal obligations to you remain the same as if we were meeting in person as there are no differences to the general conveyancing process. We are fully insured just in case.

Our conveyancing fees – how much does our conveyancing cost in Watlington?

We are able to offer a range of flexible fees for our conveyancing services in Watlington, including fixed fees for straightforward work. Where additional fees are necessary to complete a transaction, your conveyancing solicitor will keep you informed.

There are other additional costs involved in the conveyancing process known as disbursements. These will be broken down in your initial quote and will include actions such as conveyancing searches and registering transactions at HM Land Registry.

Your transaction may also be affected by tax, such as Stamp Duty Land Tax or Capital Gains Tax. Where this is the case, your conveyancing solicitor will help you to calculate how much is owned and file the return with HMRC.

Conveyancing FAQs

How does the conveyancing process work in Watlington?

There are three main stages to be aware of when buying or selling a home. These are:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Completion

When a seller accepts a buyer’s offer, the two parties will agree to enter into a contract. The transaction is not considered legally binding until this contract has been officially signed and exchanged.

At this stage, the buyer and their solicitor will also seek to find out as much information as they can about the property. This will include completing various checks, including:

  • Reviewing property information provided by the seller and making further enquiries if necessary (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Conducting conveyancing property searches, such as local authority checks (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Carrying out an independent survey (done by the buyer)

If the buyer needs a mortgage, they will apply for one at this stage.

Once the conveyancing searches have been carried out and both parties are willing to proceed, the contracts are then signed and exchanged. From this point on, the transaction is considered legally binding and neither party will be able to pull out without incurring a penalty.

When the transaction is official, this is known as completion. A transfer deed is submitted to HM Land Registry and the seller is required to vacate the property, ready for the buyer to move in.

How long does conveyancing take in Watlington?

Under normal circumstances, you can expect a conveyancing transaction to take around 12-14 weeks to reach completion. This is from the date an offer is accepted and conveyancing solicitors are instructed.

This is only a rough estimate however, as there are a number of other factors which could affect the time it takes to reach completion. If a delay is likely, your conveyancing solicitor will keep you informed.

What searches are involved in conveyancing in Watlington?

Your conveyancer in Watlington will carry out several checks when you are buying a home to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed. The three main checks are:

  • Local authority checks – to check the surrounding area for planning, pollution, highway pollution or other related issues
  • Environmental searches – to check for issues such as flooding or land contamination
  • Water and drainage searches – to check matters such as water and drainage access

Depending on the type of property, as well as where it is situated, further checks might be needed. If this is the case, your conveyancing solicitor will let you know.

How do you instruct our conveyancing solicitors in Watlington?

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Watlington by giving us a call or getting a quote online.

Our Watlington residential conveyancing solicitors can talk you through the transaction process and, once we open your case, we will assign an individual solicitor who will take care of the legal details and be your direct point of contact.

Get in touch with our conveyancing solicitors in Watlington

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Watlington by giving us a call or getting a quote online.