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Conveyancing Solicitors in Horley

If you are in the middle of or considering a property transaction in Horley, you will require the expert guidance of our conveyancing solicitors to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Whether you are buying, selling, or remortgaging a home, the anticipation of the change can be overwhelming. Our team at Bird & Co understands how you feel and will make every effort to minimise risks, navigate complications, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our conveyancing specialists provide a straightforward and reliable service that can be easily accessed across Horley and the surrounding areas.

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Horley by giving us a call or getting a quote online.

How our conveyancing solicitors in Horley can help you

Our team of residential property solicitors in Horley are experts in conveyancing matters like:

Solicitors at Bird & Co can offer their support whether you have chosen to use a national firm or local building society.

Why choose Bird & Co’s conveyancing solicitors in Horley?

At Bird & Co, we can offer a unique online conveyancing service. Our clients will be fully supported no matter where they are in the country, or even the world. Although you may choose to travel to our offices, this is not a necessity. If you prefer, our solicitors can support you via video conferences, phone calls, and emails.

This modern approach to conveyancing in Horley allows us to be in direct contact with our clients. Additionally, our solicitors will always convey everything you need to know in a transparent and straightforward way, avoiding unnecessary legal jargon.

When you work with our conveyancing team you can be confident that any questions or concerns that you have will be addressed promptly, ensuring you are always happy in their decisions.

Additionally, we are proud to be accredited by the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, meaning we will:

  • Provide high quality legal advice
  • Get your conveyancing transaction completed as efficiently as possible
  • Provide top quality customer service and respond to queries quickly
  • Keep you regularly updated and never leave you in the dark about the status of your transaction
  • Be upfront and honest about your fees – we will provide you with an accurate quote before you instruct us so that you can decide whether we are right for you

Our legal team at Bird & Co have been acknowledged for our high-quality client services and practice management, by the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation.  

Why instruct our online conveyancers instead of a conveyancer in Horley?

There are a number of reasons why our online conveyancing service can benefit you, including:

  • Our property solicitors have an in-depth knowledge of the national property market and the local market in Horley. Giving our solicitors an advantage over firms that only consider the local property market.
  • Our online systems have been developed with sensitive communication in mind. This works to protect our clients and involves the use of encrypted emails and malware.
  • We can get your conveyancing done quickly and efficiently. Our online services are quicker and more direct than the more traditional conveyancing methods.
  • Online conveyancing tends to be more cost-effective because fewer resources are needed, and no time is wasted on travel or posting.
  • We can help with property transactions across the UK and are even available for clients who are on the other side of the world.
  • At Bird & Co our legal obligations to you remain are the same, whether we are meeting in person or online. Our team is fully insured for your protection.

Our conveyancing fees – how much does our conveyancing cost in Horley?

In Horley we can offer our clients a range of flexible fees for top-notch conveyancing services. For example, if straightforward services are required, we can provide a fixed fee, so clients know exactly what they will be paying from the start.

In some cases, additional services may be required, and your overall fee may increase. However, our solicitors will always be transparent and upfront about these charges and keep you informed.

Some additional charges that you can expect may include the cost of conveyancing searches and registering the transfer of ownership with HMRC.

In addition to this, you will be required to pay for Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty Land tax unless you are exempt. Our solicitors can advise you on these matters to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Conveyancing FAQs

How does the conveyancing process work in Horley?

Within the conveyancing process, there are three main steps:

  • Offer and acceptance
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Completion

After the seller accepts an offer, they will enter into a contract with the buyer. At this stage, this contract is not considered legally binding.

Following this the buyer and their conveyancer will carry out property checks, this can include:

  • Reviewing property information provided by the seller and making further enquiries if necessary (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Conducting conveyancing property searches, such as local authority checks (done by the conveyancing solicitor)
  • Carrying out an independent survey (done by the buyer)

At this point, if the buyer needs a mortgage they can apply.

When the buyer is satisfied with the property checks the contract can be signed and exchanged. This will make the contract legally binding and means that any party that wishes to pull out of the deal after this point will be fined.

The final step of the property transaction is called completion. This is when the transfer deed is filed with the HM Land Registry, the seller moves out of the property, and the buyer becomes the legal owner.

How long does conveyancing take in Horley?

Each property transaction is completely unique, because of this, it is difficult to predict exactly how long the conveyancing process will take without further information. However, for a simple transaction with minimal complications, you can expect this process to take between 12 to 14 weeks.

Unfortunately, sometimes there will be unavoidable delays and complications, in which case the conveyancing process can take a lot longer.

What searches are involved in conveyancing in Horley?

During the buying process there are a number of important checks that must be carried out by the conveyancer. This is done to ensure that there are no immediate issues in the property.

The three main conveyancing searches include:

  • Local authority checks – to check the surrounding area for planning, pollution, highway pollution or other related issues
  • Environmental searches – to check for issues such as flooding or land contamination
  • Water and drainage searches – to check matters such as water and drainage access

In some cases, you may need additional conveyancing searches, buy your solicitor will be sure to discuss this with you.

How do you instruct our conveyancing solicitors in Horley?

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Horley by giving us a call or getting a quote online.

Our conveyancing solicitors in Horley understand how overwhelming a property transaction can be. Because of this, our team of specialists work hard to streamline your experience to make it as fast and stress free as possible.

You will be in direct contact with your case manager who can address and concerns you may have and answer your questions. Helping you to navigate the legal details of your transaction.

Get in touch with our conveyancing solicitors in Horley

Get in touch with a member of our conveyancing team in Horley by giving us a call or getting a quote online.