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Wills Solicitors in Lincoln

Over half of adults in the UK don’t have a Will, which means they haven’t made any legally valid provision for what they would like to happen after they die. Many people wrongly believe that they don’t need one because they are either too young or they don’t have enough assets for a Will to be worthwhile or that Wills are just, simply, an unnecessary expense. Sadly, none of this is correct.

Some questions to consider…

What if the worst were to happen and you were to pass away, suddenly? Would your loved ones know of your wishes and what to do next? Would they get everything you wanted to leave to them or would they be left fighting over unclear documents or facing big inheritance tax bills?

Not having a legally valid Will in place means you could risk your children being disinherited, your surviving spouse or partner not having automatic entitlement, not inheriting everything and they could even be faced with losing their home, if it has to be sold.

At Bird and Co, our expert Wills Solicitors in Lincoln have been helping individuals and their families, for many years, to ensure their wealth and assets are passed on in the best, most tax efficient way, possible. We know exactly what is necessary to protect you and your loved ones and have a great deal of experience in preparing Wills for all circumstances and eventualities.

By making a legally valid Will with our expert Will lawyers in Lincoln, you will be able to take control of your future because you will be able to:

  • Set out clear instruction about your exact wishes.
  • Choose and appoint a guardian for your children.
  • Choose and appoint an Executor to manage your estate.
  • Make potential savings on inheritance tax.
  • Protect your wealth and assets for your family’s future.
  • Protect your assets from being used to pay for nursing home fees and nursing care.
  • Give clear instructions about who will get certain items.
  • Specify your funeral arrangements and the kind of service you would like.
  • Help make it a lot easier for your family during an upsetting and stressful time in their lives.

Whether you just want to ensure that certain belongings go to the right people or you have many assets and a high value estate, we can help you make all the right decisions that will protect your interests, assets and wealth, giving you confidence your affairs will be handled properly, should you pass away.

We know exactly what is needed to protect you, your assets and loved ones. Whatever your situation and circumstances, our dedicated team of specialist Will writing lawyers in Lincoln can help you with all types of Wills and Will related matters, including:

  • Writing/ drafting a Will - Our team of Will writing solicitors in Lincoln can help you with drafting a Single Will (for yourself only), a Mirror Will (for you and a spouse or partner) or a Living Will (which relates to medical treatment).
  • Reviewing, updating or amending an existing Will - Even if you have already made a Will, it is important you keep it up to date, especially if and when your circumstances change, such as moving house, getting a divorce, having children or grandchildren or starting a business. We can help you review your Will every 3 to 5 years to ensure it is still valid and reflects your current circumstances and wishes. We will then make any of the necessary amends, for you, so that it remains watertight.
  • Challenging or defending a Will – If you wish to either challenge or defend a Will, this is known as Contentious Probate. Our experienced contentious probate solicitors in Lincoln can help you with challenging or defending a Will.
  • Issues in Wills - We can help you with any issues that might arise in respect of your Will, such as guardianship, adoption and divorce including issues relating to children like contact and residence.
  • Preparation of Trust Deeds – We can help you prepare a Trust Deed which is a legally valid document setting out clear instructions when you want property or assets to be held by another person, group of people or company (trustee/s) for the benefit of either yourself or someone else (beneficiary). Reasons for making a Trust Deed include children or grandchildren being too young, keeping control over a monetary gift, making provision for illness or disability, to minimise tax liabilities, reduce care costs, protect life insurance policies or safeguard inheritance. We can help you make a Trust Deed now or it can be made later in accordance with instructions in your Will.
  • Giving gifts to family members – We can advise of the best ways of giving gifts to your family without incurring inheritance tax.
  • Inheritance tax planning – that will help you make the best financial plan, enabling you to make potential savings on inheritance tax
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – should you lose capacity in the future to make decisions for yourself.
  • Court of Protection – when you need advice and assistance after a family member has already lost capacity and is unable to manage their own affairs.

By making a Will with our expert Will solicitors in Lincoln, today, you will be taking positive and prudent steps to ensure your affairs are in order and your precise wishes will be carried out after your death, giving you confidence and peace of mind that your loved ones will be properly taken care of, after you are gone.

To make an appointment with us to discuss a Will related matter or to find out more about how our specialist Wills solicitors in Lincoln can help you, please telephone our dedicated legal team, at our Lincoln offices, on 01522 803050, email or just complete our easy online enquiry form and we will get back to you, as soon as possible.