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Deputyship Solicitors in Lincoln

Has a loved one lost capacity leaving them unable to manage their own affairs? Are you needing to appoint a Deputy to take control of their finances and welfare arrangements? Perhaps, you are a relative needing expert guidance or help with applying for a Deputyship Order?

Our trusted Court of Protection and Deputyship specialists in Lincoln have extensive experience and expertise in helping relatives secure the best interest of their loved ones when old age, illness or injury leaves them unable to manage their own affairs.

If you are acting for someone who has lost capacity without an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney), our expert deputyship solicitors in Lincoln can help you make an urgent or emergency application to the Court of Protection to obtain a quick Deputyship Order.

When a loved one you are caring for becomes too ill, having already lost mental capacity before making an LPA, it can be extremely difficult for their friends or family to step in and manage their assets and personal matters for them.

In these situations, where the is no LPA in place and the person is already too ill to make one, an application will have to be made to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship Order which gives the official permission for a Deputy to be appointed to take over the management of their property, financial affairs and personal welfare.

We recognise that this can be a complex, time consuming and costly process, adding stress and hassle to an already difficult and upsetting time for families dealing with a sick relative.

At Bird & Co, our expert team of Deputyship and Court of Protection solicitors can help you overcome these difficult circumstances with effective forward planning or, if needed, an urgent application to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship - if the person you are caring for has lost the mental capacity to make important decisions about their own property, finances and welfare and can no longer give instructions about who they would like to act on their behalf.

What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection determines what will happen to the financial and welfare matters of people who are no longer able to make decisions for themselves because they have lost the mental capacity to do so. It is up to the court to decide if a person is able or unable to make an important decision for themselves based on an “assessment of capacity” and, if it determines that the person does lack mental capacity, a deputy will be appointed to make on-going or one-off decisions for them. The court also deals with other related matters such as LPAs, emergency applications, statutory wills and whether somebody is being deprived of their liberty.

How can Bird & Co’s Deputyship Solicitors in Lincoln help?

If you or a family member is wishing to be appointed as a Deputy, our experienced and dedicated Deputyship and Court of Protection solicitors in Lincoln can help take the stress and worry out of the situation for you.

We are ready and on hand to give you clear advice about your role and responsibilities and assist you throughout the entire Deputyship process and beyond. We take pride in our caring and compassionate approach in helping you deal positively and proactively with the deeply sensitive and upsetting decisions you and your family may be faced with.

We will be there to support and advise you from the outset and throughout your matter, acting in whichever capacity best suits your particular circumstances. We will help you complete and submit all the necessary forms to the Court of Protection and deal effectively with whatever issues that might arise.

In particular, we can help you with:

  • Obtaining medical reports to confirm that the person lacks capacity
  • Establishing the Deputy’s authority to deal with an incapacitated person’s affairs.
  • Preparing necessary documents for a Deputyship Order application.
  • Applying to the Court of Protection.
  • The court process.
  • Ongoing advice for a Deputy, once appointed.
  • Applications for further permissions to carry out transactions such as the sale, purchase or adaption of property.
  • Applying for permission to make a gift.
  • Applying to the Court for a Statutory Will that may need to be amended or updated
  • Assisting Deputies in making applications for specific orders relating to the consistent management of a person’s financial affairs.
  • Acting for you in the capacity of a Professional Deputy, managing financial affairs on your behalf in the circumstances where there is no close family or where there is no one else suitable or where there is no family member willing to take on the demands of the role which can be a big responsibility when already having to deal with an incapacitated relative.
  • Tax planning.
  • Providing the Court of Protection with expert witness accounts and statements for the purpose of personal injury or medical negligence claims.
  • Advice and representation for Court of Protection disputes, including deputyship disputes and attorney disputes.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you secure the best interests of your loved one going forward, giving you the security and peace of mind that everything is being handled correctly and taken care of properly.

Contact Our Deputyship Solicitors in Lincoln

If you are considering applying for the role of a Deputy, please contact our Deputyship and Court of Protection solicitors in Lincoln who will be happy to advise and assist you further.

To make an appointment or to find out more about how our court of protection and deputyship solicitors in Lincoln can help you with a court of protection or deputyship matter, telephone our dedicated team on 01522 80 30 50 or email: Alternatively, you can complete our quick online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.