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Probate Solicitors in Lincoln

Has a loved one passed away? Are you next of kin or the executor or administrator of their estate? Perhaps you are unsure about your role and responsibilities or what you need to do next? Maybe you need some expert support and guidance in dealing with the Will and Probate process?

If you are the executor or administrator of a deceased person’s estate or are next of kin, our expert probate solicitors at Bird & Co can help take the pressure off you during your bereavement, helping you manage your duties correctly and efficiently, whether there is a Will in place or not.

We know that when a loved one passes away, it is a difficult and upsetting time in your life and the prospect of having to sort out your loved one’s estate and financial affairs can become a distressing and overwhelming task. That is why we are here to help.

Bird & Co Solicitors are a leading firm of probate solicitors in Lincoln, having helped many individuals and families, for many years, with the fast and efficient administration of a deceased person’s estate. As an executor, administrator or next of kin, you can instruct us to support and assist you in your duties, or, alternatively, you can appoint us to undertake the work on your behalf, relieving you of the stress and responsibility at this already difficult time.

Our specialist probate solicitors have decades of experience in all aspects of probate law and will be on hand to advise and guide you throughout each step of the probate process. Whether it’s just practical advice you need or someone to step in to act on your behalf, our team will be there for you from start to finish, lifting the pressure and burden off you.

Whatever the nature of your probate matter, we can help you with a full range of probate services that can be tailored to match you individual requirements and precise circumstances, no matter what issues you might encounter during the estate administration process. In particular, we can help you with:

  • Probate
  • Grant of Probate
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate sales – selling estate assets and property
  • Interpreting a Will
  • Contentious probate – when defending a Will
  • Contentious probate – when challenging a Will
  • Letters of administration
  • Tax planning – including inheritance tax and capital gains tax
  • Intestacy

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate which is, typically, made up of the money, property and any possessions the deceased person had at the time of their death.

If the deceased person left a Will, the estate will pass to the people named in the Will. In the circumstances where no Will was made, then it will be up to next of kin (a suitable family member) to act on behalf of the estate where the Rules of Intestacy will apply.

How can Bird & Co’s Probate Solicitors in Lincoln help with the probate process and the administration of an estate?

No matter what the circumstances of your probate matter, our dedicated team of probate solicitors will be able to help and advise you throughout each stage of the probate process.

We can help you with:

  • Applying for grant of probate – the property or assets that make up an estate will remain frozen until the Probate Registry gives authority to the executor nominated in the Will, by means of a Grant of Representation or Grant of Probate document. We can help you prepare your application for the Grant of Representation or Grant of Probate.
  • Collecting any money owed – we can help you lodge all the required forms with the relevant organisations in order to achieve a swift and efficient collection of monies owed to the estate.
  • Establishing the size and value of the estate for probate and tax purposes.
  • Preparing estate accounts.
  • Tax planning – we can advise you on post death tax planning that may reduce any inheritance tax and capital gains tax liabilities.
  • Preparing interest and inheritance tax returns.
  • Settling any debts (including outstanding taxes).
  • Selling estate property and other assets - we can help you handle the sale of property or land or arrange the transfer or sale of shares.
  • Dividing the estate between beneficiaries.
  • Closing any bank accounts.

Why do you need to appoint a Probate Solicitor?

By instructing an experienced and qualified probate solicitor, here at Bird & Co, you can be confident you are taking appropriate steps to ensure you are fulfilling your role and responsibilities properly by ensuring all tasks are completed correctly - which will help you avoid any disputes or claims being made from beneficiaries.

By appointing one of our specialist probate solicitors, you will not only have the peace of mind that things are being handled properly, you will also be able to keep the process moving quickly and seamlessly, helping you achieve a swift conclusion to your probate matter that is in the best interest of all parties concerned.

Choosing to instruct our probate solicitors can prove to be a wise and prudent decision. It is a good way of ensuring you maintain a level of separation, so you can remain neutral, calm and impartial during a time of high emotions that can often lead to families falling out because of disagreements over the Will and distribution of assets.

How can Bird & Co’s Contentious Probate Solicitors in Lincoln help with challenging or defending a Will?

If you are a beneficiary who feels they have been treated unfairly and wrongfully left out of a Will or, alternatively, if you are an executor facing a claim or dispute, our specialist contentious probate solicitors in Lincoln can help you with either challenging or defending a Will.

Contentious Probate occurs when there is a disagreement or dispute over a Will and the Will is challenged or needs defending.

There has to be a valid reason for challenging a Will which could include a belief that the Will was negligently drafted or that the person, at the time of writing their Will, either:

  • Lacked mental capacity.
  • Had no knowledge that the Will was written.
  • Was unaware of the contents of the Will.
  • Was placed under pressure.
  • Did not have the Will properly witnessed.

Whether you are the executor or beneficiary involved an estate dispute, our expert team of contentious probate solicitors in Lincoln can help you reach a swift and amicable resolution for the benefit of all parties involved.

With extensive experience in all types of threats and claims brought against an estate, you can be confident we have the necessary skill and expertise to negotiate agreeable terms that will allow you to complete your duties.

Contact Our Probate Solicitors in Lincoln

To make an appointment or to find out more about how our probate solicitors in Lincoln can help you with a probate matter, telephone our dedicated team on 01522 80 30 50 or email: Alternatively, you can complete our quick online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.