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Commercial Contracts Solicitors

So you think you have the deal of the century? Make sure that your business contracts are appropriate and do what you expect them to do.

If you’re about to contract with someone, get a solicitor. We can help drafting and examining contracts.

Even if you already have a contract it is essential for all businesses to review trading terms on a regular basis in order to reduce risks and ensure that everyone in the business, as well as customers and suppliers, all have a clear understanding of the terms that govern the way transactions are conducted.

Taking early legal advice prior to entering into a large contract, or as soon as it becomes clear that the terms of a large contract are being varied or broken without your agreement, will enable your business to more precisely identify the potential legal and commercial measures available.

We can prepare or review terms and conditions for business specifically tailored to your business or draft and negotiate contracts for sale, services, finance or lease.

Our simple aim is to minimise risk and to enable your business transactions to proceed cost effectively and efficiently.

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