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Top Tips for Selling your House

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When you’ve made the decision to move on from your current home, you’ll know there’s a lot to get organised. This can be daunting, especially if you’re searching for your next home at the same time.

But even if you’re pressed for time, there are a number of things you can do that can help the process run more smoothly, sell your house faster or perhaps even sell it for more than you thought! So in this blog we decided to run through the best tips and tricks to get the very best out of your sale with minimal stress.

1. Decide whether you’re going into rented or buying straight away

Going into rented accommodation in between selling and buying does result in extra cost from rent payments, but can be more than worth it - it takes away the time pressure that comes from having to immediately buy the next place. Aside from reducing the stress of the situation, moving into a rented property can give you the extra time to bag your perfect home instead of settling for not quite what you wanted. Additionally, being out of the housing chain can make you a more attractive buyer.

2. Get a good conveyancer

It’s important to get a solicitor or licensed conveyancer involved as early on as possible to ensure that there is ample time to carry out all the necessary legal work. You should also always make sure to go with an experienced and reputable conveyancer. If you skimp on your research you could end up with an unreliable conveyancer, and this can really throw a spanner in the works – be wary of the cheapest deals as this can be a sign of further charges later on in the transaction and can even result in poor service. The best way to minimise stress in your property transaction and help the process to run smoother  is to choose a conveyancer who is communicative and supportive so that assistance is always at hand.

3. Make some updates

Making your property look and feel more modern and well-kept can work wonders to increase the offers you get, and if your property looks dated it can sometimes put buyers off. Make sure you see to any bits that look chipped, dirty or tired with a lick of paint, new fittings such as doorknobs, and if possible replace dated décor with something modern and neutral.  This goes for the outside of your property as well as the inside – as the saying goes, first impressions are everything so ensure your front door is looking good and any outdoor space is kept tidy. A few pounds spent here might help you to sell your property and get more money out of your potential buyer.

4. Staging is key

“Staging” is the term for dressing up your property to make it look its very best, and setting the scene to entice potential buyers. The key is to allow them to see themselves living in your home, so make it as appealing and accommodating as possible. Light a fire, make sure the whole place is clean and fresh-smelling, put away any clutter or personal items and remove pets on viewing day. It also doesn’t hurt to sweeten up your viewers a little: perhaps put out some coffee and biscuits for them to enjoy while they’re looking around.

5. Facebook your listing

If you want to get more viewers through the door, it can be a good idea to share your property listing on your Facebook page or on relevant local groups. You never know who’s looking in your area, and by reaching out to your local network you might just find your buyer!

6. Work with your estate agent

A good estate agent will be knowledgeable about the local housing market and can guide you through what works when making a sale. Be sure to listen to their recommendations when it comes to staging the property and making changes – having a lot of experience working with both sides, they’ll know what buyers are looking for and how to make the most of your property.

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