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9 Haunted Locations in England You Can Buy a House Now

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As Halloween looms, Bird & Co beckons the brave home seekers to explore haunted realms across the UK, where properties await their fearless potential owners...

To celebrate Halloween this year, our team have explored what are known as some of the most haunted villages and streets in the UK on the Paranormal Database.

From this data, we have trawled the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla to see if there are any properties available to buy in these haunted spots, for the thrill seekers. Would you still be interested after discovering what has been sighted there?

9 English Areas to Buy a Possibly Paranormal Property

Haunted Areas in Kent

In Kent, there were 331 reported paranormal sightings, as per the Paranormal database. Most of these are in specific buildings, such as public houses and churches, so those who reside nearby these may be unlikely to witness anything unusual.

1. Kent – Biggin Hill Village

However, according to the paranormal database, there have been recurring sightings of a WW2 aircraft crossing Biggin Hill Airport and village in Kent. It is said to be a haunting manifestation of a spitfire, often heard flying above the homes below. Its favourite time of year to make an appearance is in January.

In the village of Biggin, there have also been reported sightings of men dressed in trench coats asking for directions before mysteriously disappearing.

If you like the sound of being taken back in time to the days of soldiers and spitfires, we have found 2 potential properties on sale in Biggin Hill, for relatively reasonable prices:

Haunted Areas in Buckinghamshire

In Buckinghamshire, there were 131 reported paranormal sightings, as per the Paranormal database.

2. Buckinghamshire – Penn

The general area of Penn is said to be home to a phantom steed which can be heard galloping around the area, though rarely seen. Sometimes laughter accompanies the hoof beets.

There have also been sightings of a man known to local farmers in 1880 by the name Clark. Clark and his mare were followed by local farmers once until they reached Penn’s church, where both Clark and his mare disappeared into grey mist causing the farmers to bolt with fear.

3. Buckinghamshire  - Tingewick Village

Another village in Bucks that sees a fair amount of haunting is Tingewick Village. If you’re a fan of dogs, this one’s for you.

Early in the 20th century, an ex-Scotland Yard inspector captured an image of a headless dog in the village of Tingewick. The dog was said to be wagging its tail at the inspector, however he claims he saw nothing when taking the image.

There are plenty of properties available in this area if haunted pets are of interest to you, including:

Haunted Areas in Gloucestershire

In Gloucestershire, there were 192 reported paranormal sightings, as per the Paranormal database.

4. Gloucestershire – Westgate Street

According to the database, there have been two haunting manifestations reported on Westgate Street. One hooded ghost has said to be spotted in the property 120 Westgate Street (a building no longer standing) and has been known to scare pets and other animals on the street. The date of this spotting is unknown and could still very much be present.

Another reported robed figure has been spotted in the windows of properties along Westgate Street. Poltergeist activity has also been reported in 1988, when a roll of carpet was seen to levitate.

Some of these sightings may seem a little too close to home for residents but, if you want to see for yourself, there are a couple of flats available to buy:

5. Gloucestershire  - Tewkesbury Road

A former hospital on Tewkesbury Road bore witness to haunting occurrences, including sightings of a nun cradling a baby with the haunting sounds of a child in distress. Legend has it that the woman took her own life, burdened by self-blame for the infant’s demise.

Such chilling sights may be just a stone’s throw away in these available properties:

6. Gloucestershire  - Forest of Dean

There have been multiple sightings in the Forest of Dean; the forest itself is home to various animals and creatures that live in the depth of its hills. In 1802, a massive wild boar was said to live in the forest, large enough to knock down whole trees. The beast has been searched for by local farmers but has never been found.

There have also been ghostly sightings in Saint Briavels Castle in 1998. Within the premises and corridors of this erstwhile castle, now repurposed as a hostel, reports tell of a spectral figure donned in armour making sporadic appearances. The source of disembodied footsteps echoing through the walkways remains uncertain, and it is unclear whether the armoured figure is connected.

In the King's Hall, where infant bones were discovered walled up, the plaintive cries of a young child have also been reported. Additionally, a ghostly woman clad in white was sighted on the staircase.

One beautiful property for a large family home is available for those looking to get back to nature… and ghosts:

Haunted Areas in Bristol

In Bristol, there were 80 reported paranormal sightings, as per the Paranormal database.

7. Bristol – Parrys Lane

We’ll start with Parrys Lane, which derives its name from a Well that once graced the vicinity, the very site where a man named Parry tragically took his own life by slitting his throat. Legend has it that his ghost lingered in the area for an extended period following his demise.

This stunning family home is available for any families who want to catch a glimpse of Parry’s restless spirit:

8. Bristol  - Broad Street

Spotted in 1940, the cellar of a building along this street is reputed to be haunted by one of the cities many black monks.

For anyone looking to enjoy the city centre lifestyle, with the chance of glimpsing a haunted medieval sighting, this property is currently available to buy:

9. Bristol  - Air Balloon Road

Builders at a construction site were startled when they heard footsteps emanating from an unoccupied room. Concerned, the family residing in the house decided to enlist the help of a medium.

According to the medium, the dwelling harboured four spirits, namely a teenage boy and an elderly woman clad in a black dress who carried a lantern. Additionally, the sounds of marching feet also echoed throughout the premises.

For a first-time buyer, this property could be exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you are thrilled by the prospect of haunted wails and disembodied footsteps:

Could Britain’s Homes Truly Be Haunted?

Britain's haunted reputation is a concoction of its historical events, architectural marvels, literary contributions, and the willingness of its people to embrace the mysterious and unexplained.

From historic houses to modern residences, stories of paranormal activity often revolve around previous inhabitants, tragic events, and unsettled spirits. Old buildings, in particular, are thought to harbour residual energy, manifesting as ghostly apparitions or strange happenings.

Whether you embrace the supernatural or remain sceptical, the tales of haunted homes add an intriguing layer to Britain's cultural narrative, rooted in historical events, local folklore, or the vivid imagination, contributing to the mystique of certain properties.

Does a Suspected Haunting Affect the Value of a Home?

In the UK, the impact of a suspected haunted house on its value is a bit tricky. While some people might be intrigued by the idea of living in a haunted house and find it exciting, others could be deterred by the perceived paranormal activity.

In general, factors like location, size, condition, and local market trends play a more significant role in determining property value. If the haunted reputation leads to the house being stigmatised, it might take longer to sell, and potential buyers might negotiate for a lower price.

Ultimately, it depends on the beliefs and preferences of potential buyers. Some might see it as a unique selling point or a chance to get a property at a lower price, while others might be superstitious and avoid it altogether.

What Legal Obligations Does a Conveyancer Have to Tell You of Hauntings?

In property transactions, a conveyancer's main duty is handling legal aspects and disclosing relevant information to the buyer. However, revealing whether a property is haunted is usually not legally required. Property disclosure laws focus on material facts affecting value or decisions, and paranormal activity is often subjective and not quantifiable.

Ethical considerations may prompt some professionals to disclose a property's reputation, for transparency. While legal obligations regarding haunted properties are not as clear-cut as structural issues, buyers and sellers may discuss such matters with their conveyancer.

Think You’re Ready to Make a Thrilling Change of Address?

If you could handle living in a haunted area, Bird & Co offer online conveyancing services as well as in-person. If you’re looking for a trusted conveyancer and have any further queries about haunted properties, then feel free to contact us.