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New Partner - Stuart Wild

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Bird and Co are delighted to announce that Stuart Wild has accepted an invitation to join Bird & Co Solicitors LLP as a Partner with effect from 1st February 2019.

Stuart started at Bird & Co in April 2004 and was soon appointed Head of the Criminal Department. He has had numerous high profile cases including defending in a large scale Slavery case assisted by Counsel and Queen’s Counsel and the recent “Twilight Murders”, both of which attracted national media attention.

Prior to joining Bird & Co Solicitors LLP Stuart was a Partner in a South Lincolnshire High Street Firm which he joined after completing his Law Society Finals.

Stuart moved to Bird and Co to experience a wider and more complex caseload with the Firm having offices close to The Midlands’ city centres, having worked at the Firm’s Newark, Lincoln and Grantham offices in the past.

Stuart is involved heavily in cases at the police stations, Magistrates Courts and right through to the Crown Courts. His practice is not only in the Midlands but more and more so, nationally.

He also developed the website, a brand of Bird and Co Solicitors LLP dealing with motoring matters nationally, ranging from speeding offences to the more serious driving matters.

More latterly, together with Senior Partner Chris Milligan, Stuart has developed and promoted the brand whilst handling a full time caseload.

He deserves a great deal of credit and all of our support for his tireless work and dedication to build up not only the brand, but in demonstrating a keen attitude with multiple trips across the length and breadth of the UK representing clients in Teesside, Newcastle, Guildford, Essex, Hampshire and beyond.

Stuart has worked very hard with Chris not only on building the brand and trading style but also on developing the marketing strategy behind a national online presence.

Stuart’s responsibilities will remain with Business Development for the Criminal Department and increasing the client base nationally through the established ConspiracySolicitor website.

Stuart is a great believer in the use of modern technology to aid the way Criminal Lawyers work in the current of legal aid cuts and reductions in the criminal justice budget. Stuart and Chris developed remote working in the Criminal Department with the ability of all team members to work securely at any location – whether it be the office, court, home or when away dealing with cases nationally.
Stuart will remain based at the Grantham office.