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Important notice: "Memorandum of Sale" email - just delete!

Fake Memorandum of Sale Email

This morning we have become aware of an email sent from an email address "Ddcespedes1396@eagle[dot]fgcu[dot]edu" which apparently is set to display as "Bird & Co. Conveyancing Team".

The email has some of our details at the bottom; a footer we use, and the usual address details and disclaimers, and purports to attach a memorandum of sale.

This email does not come from us and is nothing to do with Bird & Co Solicitors LLP.

Do not open the attachment as it may contain malware.

Unfortunately we cannot prevent the sending of emails such as this, as it has not come through our servers and does not use our domain. We take security of emails very seriously and are continually improving what we do, but if our network is not involved there's not much action that can be taken.

We are aware of at least two other conveyancing solicitors firms which were involved in something from the same email address last week.

If you receive this or a similar email, just delete it without opening the attachment. We will not send unsolicited emails to you.